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TEACH JC Co-op Information



meets on Fridays

at North Johnson City Baptist Church 305 Ferndale Road in Johnson City


Homeschooling co-ops come in all "flavors," and this variety is part of what makes homeschooling so great.  There are co-ops that offer only serious classes, co-ops that follow a certain homeschooling philosophy (such as "classical" or "Charlotte Mason"), co-ops where the administration plans what classes to offer and then recruits teachers, and co-ops that actually function more as part-time private schools. 

This page is meant to introduce you to the "flavor" of our TEACH Co-op. 

(1)  We function as a true "co-op" where all parents are on campus and involved in teaching or assisting in some way. The Johnson City Co-op  does not offer a drop-off policy; parents are expected to be on campus whether they are involved in teaching or assisting or have a free hour.  We do not require all parents to teach, but we do offer an early registration incentive for those that make this extra commitment.  Teachers receive no monetary compensation.  They are reimbursed for materials only.

(2)  We offer all kinds of classes - from highly academic to pure fluff!  We try to offer a wide variety of classes and occassionally poll our members to find out what they'd most like to see.  For the most part, our class offerings are dictated by our teacher volunteers.  We feel that allows them to teach what they are truly passionate about teaching, and we have a large enough group that variety is never a problem. We offer classes from Nursery through Grade 12, however you must have a student registered for co-op who is Kindergarten or higher in order to enroll in the Nursery, Toddler or Preschool classes.  We do not have a Preschool Program but we do provide some great class opportunities for the younger siblings of our co-op students from Kindergarten through Grade 12.

(3)  We do not follow one particular homeschooling philosophy - we have everything from textbook homeschoolers to unschoolers in our group.  Through the years, various classes have become popular and are nearly always offered (such as IEW for writing, and Apologia Science), but we have no rules dictating what curriculum must be used for any particular subject.

(4)  Since we meet only once a week, we generally do not offer upper level math, but we do often have parents who volunteer tutoring on campus.

(5)  We are not associated with any particular church.  We currently meet at North Johnson City Baptist Church and continue to have a good relationship with the generous staff at this church. 

While we aren't associated with one church, we are a Christian group with a statement of faith and we strive to be guided by Biblical principles in our dealing with each other.

(6)  We try to minister not only to students but to homeschooling parents. We offer a "Homeschooling Support" class for parents that meets at co-op at various times throughout the year.

(7)  While we are NOT a private school, we are a large group and need certain rules to function properly and safely.  Participants are required to wear nametags on campus and follow a code of conduct. 

(8)  We ask that both parents and students make a genuine commitment to their classes and attendance. 

(9)  We are non-profit organization, fees are collected to pay for our facilities and expenses.   

(10) Our Co-op meets on Fridays at North Johnson City Baptist Church, located at 305 Ferndale Road in Johnson City.