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About Virtual Co-op

Virtual Co-op by TEACH is designed to allow members to participate in Co-op classes from the comfort of their homes. Most classes meet live using Google Meet on Tuesday or Wednesday. Co-op parents volunteer and provide a variety of classes for kindergarten to 12th-grade students. Classes range from simply for fun, to full science units, full history units, or high school courses for credit. Co-op Members have the option to enroll their children in as many or as few virtual classes as desired. 

Each semester co-op will offer 12-14 weeks of classes across a 15-week or 16-week period. One week of classes will not meet for a scheduled fall or spring break. A second unplanned teacher cancelation day will be taken at each teacher’s discretion. The unplanned teacher cancelations allow teachers to care for themselves, their families, or personal matters without removing a planned instructional day from the semester for students.

To participate in Virtual Co-op, members will need access to a Free Google Account and a compatible device. Most computers, tablets, or iPads will work if they have a webcam, microphone, and speaker. A cell phone may work but isn’t recommended due to screen size. Optional but helpful equipment for consideration are comfortable headphones and blue lens glasses for your student. 

Most Virtual Co-op classes are taught by parent volunteers who are home educators with students participating in Virtual Co-op. Occasionally, a class will be offered by a guest teacher or community organization. Leadership strives for a variety of core classes and electives and will work with teachers to provide a diversified class schedule when possible. The class subjects offered are determined by the volunteers based on their interest and abilities with the guidance of co-op leadership.

Join Virtual Co-Op Fall 2024

Registration for TEACH and Virtual Co-Op opens in June. 

Step One: Join TEACH on June 1. Visit the TEACH website at teachtricities.com and submit your application for membership (or renew if you are a current TEACH member). If you are new to TEACH, complete the application on June 1 (or as soon as possible) and pay the membership fee  to allow your application to be reviewed by the Board. You must be a TEACH member to join Virtual Co-Op.

TEACH is a Christian Homeschool Support Group and a statement of faith is required. The Core Values and Beliefs can be viewed on the TEACH website under the "About" tab.

Step Two: Join Virtual Co-Op between June 1 and June 14. Visit the TEACH website and log onto your account (once approved for membership). Click on the "Calendar" tab and navigate to the month of June. On June 1 click on the event marked "Virtual Co-Op Registration" and review the information. Click the link at the bottom of the description to register and add one family member for the family. (This registers your entire family.) Pay the semester co-op fee before June 14. 

Step Three: Select classes for your children on June 21. A detailed email will be sent to registered families with instructions on how to select classes and at what time registration will open. Class fees are due by July 5.


Tuesday and Wednesday 

  • 9 AM- 9:55 AM Class One
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Class Two 
  • 11:15 AM-12:15 PM Class Three 
  • 1:00 PM-2:00 PM Class Four
  • 2:15 PM -3:15 PM Class Five 

Take only one class or as many classes as can be fit into your day. Virtural Co-Op students may select from classes on both Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Class Styles

A variety of Virtual Co-op class models are offered to allow teachers and students to have the best learning experience possible. Each class style is summarized below. 

  • One Day Live Instruction- This model fits the majority of the Virtual Co-op class offerings. Live classes meet one day per week on the same designated day and time using Google Meet.
  • Two-Day Live Instruction- This model fits select Virtual Co-op class offerings that benefit from an additional day of study. Two-day live classes meet two days per week on the same designated days and times using Google Meet.
  • One-Day Live Instruction with In-Person Meetings- A few classes on the Virtual Co-op schedule fit this model. The classes using this model benefit from in-person collaboration, additional supervision for the in-person portion, or the use of lab equipment not typically found at home. The live class portion of these courses will meet one day per week on the same designated day and time using Google Meet. In-person class meetings will be on the days and times specified in the class description for registration.
  • Flex Class-flex classes are a unique style of class allowing students an opportunity to complete the class around their schedule each week. The class does not require a live meeting and utilizes Google Classroom for assignments. Most classes require students to complete an assignment, watch a video lesson, or complete independent work or reading by a designated due date.  

Gather Events

Gather Events are planned activities for Virtual Co-op members to come together and build community. Without class changes and lunch times to socialize, this is an opportunity designed to help students meet their classmates face to face. Events vary and include park dates, STEM days, movie days, and more. A small fee may be required to cover supplies and location rentals for Gather Events. Check the Virtual Co-op Calendar for event details and dates. 


If you need to reach a committee member please email virtualcoop@teachtricities.org 

Director - Christina Dishman 

Volunteer Coordinator - Becca Lambert 

Treasurer - Becky Bradshaw